Numbers entered with a

I’m trying to copy multiple values in a seatable base.
I’ve got an issue with copy/pasting numbers from my excel to columns separated with a comma.
Whatever the separator chosen (comma or point), it doesn’t work when coming from a number formatted cell in excel.
All number pasted are considered as having no separator.
73,74 becomes 7374

If i force the separator as a point (replacing in excel the comma with a point via Search-and-replace), it works.

Thanks for the report. I could reproduce this problem. We’ll have a look.

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Did you find a solution ?
I’m completely stuck when trying to import a lot of values from excel…

It gets even worse, when you have a “dot . thousand” seperator. And even after fixing it, with replacing the dots first and then replacing the , with . in a text editor, there are still mistakes, which I only found out about after comparing SUMs of COLUMNs. So … fixing this bug would be of great help!

We are sorry that the problem hasn’t been fixed yet.

There is a workaround though: When formatting the cells as “text” and using a dot as a decimal separator (see below), you can transfer data from Excel to SeaTable via copy-paste.

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