Numerfield €0,00 not created in pdf

Hi, i have a row where i put pricing (as €0,00) format - i create pdfs from it, now if i fill out prices > 0 the field is created in the pdf, if the price is actually €0,00 (And i fill it out in the table) the preview of page design does show the €0,00 as i want, however when i create the pdf via the button, the €0,00 are not shown.

can you help me out here, seems like a seatable thing ^^

I am not entirely sure what you are asking. (You did not honor the general rules for making a good post mentioned here either).

In any case, I understand that you have a problem with the currency sign. I guess you use a custom currency format. This is currently not supported in the page design plugin meaning it is ignored in the PDF print. When you use the default € currency format, it will print just fine.

I had a similar issue and the solution was to take the price from an unformatted column and use a formula to format it and then insert that as a field in Page Design. The formula is:
“concatenate({Preis},” €")" which then shows e.g. 100,50 €. You can of course turn this around so "concatenate("€ “,{Preis,)” would give you € 0,00.
If however your problem is that the € 0,00 are not showing in the PDF, then my solution also achieves this. I did a check and a price of 0,00 € was displayed in the PDF.
So, the solution is for not a number to be inserted in PDF but a text string including the number.
Hope this is what you want.

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