Oauth2 Authentification

Hello Seatable-Team,

does SeaTable support Oauth2 Authentification?

Thanks in advance


Hi Peter!

SeaTable does not support OAuth2. But it is on the development plan. If you give the developers a bit more time, you will be rewarded with OAuth2 support. One caveat though: OAuth2 will be a SeaTable Enterprise Edition feature. It will NOT be available in the SeaTable Community Edition.


thanks for this quick response!


Hi there,
for clarification - presently https://seatable.io/en/pricing/ states “All plans have the same functions”.
Is OAuth the only exception to this statement or will you be changing the policy in general? I understand that it’s difficult to define your model while the product is under development but do you have a list of other features where you already know will be excluded from the community edition which you can share here?

We continue to enjoy working with SeaTable,

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At this point, the statement “all plans have the same functions” is true. Please note that the site you refer to is about SeaTable SAAS.

A future SeaTable Enterprise Edition will have some extra features geared towards enterprise deployment, mostly admin-/backend-oriented. The three most noteworthy Enterprise-only features will be

  • SSO/OAuth2
  • Clustering
  • Object storage support (e.g., S3, CEPH)
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Thanks ! that was quick and clear.