Page Design - Linked field not showing

I’m experimenting the Page Design plugin.
My context is very basic:

  • Table “clients”
  • Table “invoices”
    In “clients” there is a composed field “fullname” build concatenating “family_name” & “name”.
    In invoice there is a field linked to fullname.
    Now, in design I see “fullname (Text)” and “fullname (Table)”.
  • “fullname (Text)” shows nothing (?) <— This is what I’d like to print.
  • “fullname (Table)” shows a grid with the corresponding row in “clients” table.

By sure I’m missing something.
Any help?

Actually, you’ve found a bug.

I confirm the observation - see screenshots.

The link column is set to display the value from the column “Full name” in the linked table. (“Full name” is a formula column.)

In the top left corner, the placeholder for the linked client is empty. In the top right corner shows a table with all linked records. The table contains the one linked record including the column “Full name”.

This is a bug.

@daniel.pan Could you have a look.

I’ll check the issue.

A fix will be provided in SeaTable 3.0 which will be released shortly.

We updated to SeaTable Cloud to version 3.0 this morning. The problem should be fixed.