Page design" plug-in: PDF content shifts

Hello everyone!

I have designed a template with the “Page Design” plugin. When I create a PDF from all the entries (226), there is a strange effect: from one page to the next, the design gradually shifts further and further upwards.

I waited for another version because I had hoped that something would change, but unfortunately nothing has changed in version 2.4.

Hi, thanks for your report! We will have a look into the issue.
Normally the plugin’s version is independent to the main program version, so there’s no need to wait for a new SeaTable version to report a plugin problem!

Hello Karlheinz,

thanks for the info. I would be happy if there was information about the progress here. Unfortunately, you don’t see when there has been an update in the plugins either.

Are the plugins developed externally or by the SeaTable team?

You are welcome! The plugins are also developed by the SeaTable team. The original idea was, that everyone can submit a self-developed plugin and put on the plugin market after it’s been approved by the team. In return, they could get SeaTable subscription credits, or monetery rewards. But this is just “future music”!

In fact, we do have a Github page for people to develop their own SeaTable plugins: GitHub - seatable/seatable-plugin-table-info

We have an internal tracking table for the plugins versions, but it’s not public yet. I think it’s a good suggestion to publish a dynamic table for plugin versions and update dates.

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