Page Design work cannot be opened anymore

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This is probably the most annoying bug I have ever had, more than 6 hour of work gone. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:
I was working on the page designer to build a test report with 10 pages. After everything was done, I wanted to do a pdf to send for approval (deadline today by the way) but then there was this internal server error appearing in the middle of the window. Since I already had some trouble with this plugin in the past I wanted do an export of my page designer work but export did not work as well.
What is even worse, I cannot open my work anymore, it says “loading”.

I hope there is a way to recover it (or who pays for the rework?)

I noticed the same mishap with a multi-page report. I prepared two data sets as a PDF with the finished report. With the third record, the generator prepared only page one and skipped the rest. After re-testing twice, the generator stopped working with this report:

    1. An output is no longer possible, and the process does not end correctly.
    1. The report copy functionality is not working. The attempt quits with an error message.
    1. The report export functionality is not working. The attempt to export the JSON file quits with an error message.

The error could be due to a memory overflow or the system cannot correctly allocate resources. I will report it to the support.

We are looking into the problem. We are positive that we can provide a fix for SeaTable 3.0 which will be release next week.

We updated SeaTable Cloud to SeaTable 3.0 this morning. The problem should be fixed.

Yes, it is working again. I tested it with a new report (only four pages, not eight as before), which failed yesterday after some manipulation. Luckily, I always saved a copy before manipulation. The report that failed yesterday and would not work is operational today again.

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Glad to hear it!

@clauderigg The new release fixed your problem too?

I haven’t tried yet, I will try to do an upgrade to 3.0 within the next two weeks. Thank you

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