Page Designer - Conditional View

Similar to how form entry’s are displayed, it would be amazing to have objects display based on a condition.

For instance one template I’m building is a Production work order. It can support garments from XS to 6X, OS, and Other. For a total of 12 possible sizes listed on work order. Utilizing a condition to display objects, we would only display a size label and qty (2 columns total) when the qty is not empty.

Just tossing it out there lol

I have also some use cases where the conditional display of fields would be very convenient.

Just bouncing an idea: The page design plugin supports the display of linked records in tabular format. If you keep the ordered amounts in a separate table and link them to the work orders, you could achieve what you want - without the conditional display.

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That was a concept we tried however the information needing to be displayed made the table to wide and span off the page. In the update notes for 2.6 it says when displaying linked entries in table form, “You only have to position the placeholder for the table on the page and then select the columns to be displayed”. Does that mean creating a specific more condensed view to display those records? Because selecting columns to display isn’t an option in the designer I think

Just following up on

I am still unable to select desired columns as all are displayed