Pasting/Importing Data

I’m trying to import about 2500 records into a table that has links to other tables. When I paste a few lines into the table from Excel it all works fine and the text in the linked columns successfully links to the other tables (the linked formulas even work fine). When I try to paste the full 2500 entries the page locks up for some time then eventually I see all the data and I can open a row and see all data in the pop up window. However, when I refresh the page the first two columns get completely cleared. All the rows are still there with the links in each one, but the first two columns which are just text are gone. The fields are also blank in the pop out window for the row. This doesn’t happen when pasting 100 or 200 entries but does happen at 500. Is there some sort of limit here?

As an alternative I tried importing the CSV file via the table “Import new data from CSV” option but when the data was populated it didn’t make the links to other tables like it did when I pasted the data in. Is it supposed to? Maybe I have some wrong syntax in my CSV? I couldn’t find any help or forum entries about CSV import rules.
Am I doing something wrong or are there some limitations here? I can paste the data in 200 row blocks, but I’ve got more to do in other tables and would prefer a better solution than that. Thanks.

Hi, we have a limitation of 1000 rows can be added in a single operation, it’s strange that you are already having problem by 500.

Which version are you using? Cloud or self-hosted? If self-hosted, which version?

The behavior with the CSV is known. Sorry for the inconvenience!

There should be no such limitations in latest version.

Thanks for the reply. I’m using the Developer edition v2.1.0. I’ll take another look at the import again but I’m sure it was breaking with 500 entries. What was weird was that only the text columns were being cleared after a refresh. The columns that linked to other tables were remaining populated.

I’ve had another play with this. I take it that my only option for importing is to paste since the CSV import won’t link the linked columns for me. When I paste in 500 entries everything appears to paste correctly until I refresh the page, then the text columns disappear. Interestingly if I open one of the entries up before I do a refresh and edit each text field, all entries disappear except the one I just edited. So the information is shown in the webpage after the paste, it just doesn’t seem to be saving to the server. I did notice there are a bunch of errors that quickly pop up and then disappear (“Failed to execute operation on server:” is all I can see), so maybe something is going wrong with saving those text columns? Is there somewhere I can grab the error logs from?
Pasting in 400 entries seems to work fine. 450 I was getting variable results. So somewhere between 400 and 500 entries is where things are going wrong.
I’ve also tried pasting this data from Excel and from the CSV text file directly. Same results for both, except for the CSV file I had to replace the commas with tabs to get the paste to span multiple columns.
Hopefully this is helpful information.

Have you tried with version 2.2?

No I haven’t. I’ll upgrade the system and give it a try.

Daniel, upgrading did the trick! No more errors and was able to paste all 2,500 entries in one go. The paste operation is much quicker now too. The 2,500 entries took maybe a second, whereas before just 400 caused the page to pause for around 5-10 seconds. Thanks for the help I hadn’t realised there was a new version available. Appreciate it.

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