PDF files on local drive

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we currently have PDF Files stored on our local network. Is it possible to link them to Seatable with out using the field for “files”? Furthermore, is it possible to rename and move the files automated on our local drive by Seatable?

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I’m not sure if I understand your request correctly.

Where are the PDF files currently located and where do you want to store them in Base?

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They are currently stored on a local network drive in a folder .

Is it possible to have a direct link in Seatable to the folder?

Additionaly, it is possible to move the files from a folder called “original documents” to a folder “edited documents” ?

What is a “direct link”? Do you mean a UNC path? This can be saved in a text column.

You want to move files from one folder to another in SeaTable? Can you describe your requirement in greater detail. Based on the current information, we’d have to speculate.

Generally speaking, SeaTable is no file manager. With SeaTable 4.0, scheduled for release in some weeks, the integration with Seafile, the enterprise file sync and share solution and sister application of SeaTable, will be taken to the next level. When connecting a SeaTable base with a Seafile library, you can manage file in the Seafile library directly from within the SeaTable base editor. (The same is not possible for a network drive.)

Thank you very much for the information.

I will wait for SeaTable 4.0 this may solve my issue. If not, I will use this board again!

Thank you very much for the support!

Stay tuned! SeaTable 4.0 is going to be great! For many different reasons.

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