Performing operations with the values of a single column

Hello everyone
I like that this forum helps to solve complex problems. Here is another question: how to find the maximum, minimum, average value or matches in one column?

Hm, I don’t quite get the meaning of it.
Well, to get the highest and lowest value you can get by sorting it and the first and last value would be it. But what would be an average for a date time value to you?

I’m more interested in how to implement this using a python script. Let’s focus on the coincidence of values in the column.

Create two new views. Sort them ascending and descending and get the first value from both of those. Voilá you got the highest and lowest value.

Thank you, it’s really simple. But how to find matches in one column?

Sorry, I don’t speak russian.

You have to compare them…?

thank you, I solved my problem with SQL queries

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