Periodic automation with certain conditions does not run

Hi everyone,

I was wondering why my automation does not work? It is set like this, hence I want it to do the action whenever the date from the column is tomorrow. Hence if today is the 2nd of January and tomorrow is the 3rd of January which is correctly formatted (European style date, not american), it will run on the 2nd at e. g. 9pm. It did not run though at 9pm when I waited for it to execute.

The timezone is correct by the way. I checked that too.


I cannot wrap my head around it, why it is not working. Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:

Did you test your email account?

Do you self-host? If yes, please provide more information on your system (installed version, logs, …)

I would try to use a simpler automation, e.g. “set field to” and see if that works. Than you can check your E-Mail settings.

It is a self-hosted instance on version 4.2.11 and the e-mail automation works fine with every other rule or automation. Everything there is correctly setup. The time zones are setup correctly too, on my main Debian system its correct and in the SeaTable docker-compose.yml its Europe/Berlin. The automation is just not triggering for whatever reason at its listed time because there is no entry in the log. Do you need anything else?

What format is “Abholungam” - German date ? Maybe try the ISO date, I had minor issues using the german date in formulars and none when using the ISO format.

Thanks for suggesting that! Unfortunately I tried that 15 minutes ago. Still, the automation did not trigger at all.

Does the automation work when you execute it via the “Run now” button?

And have you checked the “Running Log” to see if an error message is displayed there?


How about deleting the complete automation and creating a new one. Sometimes the automation did not trigger as well, and a new one did (for what ever reason)

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Thanks for reminding me! I tried to run the automation manually. It worked. So by logic there must be something wrong with my condition. I cannot see how it could be wrong though because it is just saying tomorrow.

I have removed the automation and reimplemented it as said by @Soonimproveduser
If that does not work I will try to change the automation to basically use the condition “AbholungAm is inbetween the next 1 day”.

Thanks for this! It fixed my problem! Both automations as listed in my previous reply actually work now. Thanks everyone! Have a wonderful week!

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