Hi all,

I like current statistic plugin. It is almost nice…but let me say minor requests.

  1. In addition to vertical stuck bar chart, horizontal stuck bar chart is needed. In case x-axis label name is long in horizontal barchart, all letters cannot fit in to space. In such a case I want to use horizontal one.
  2. In scatter plot, I want function like: once click some specific dot on scatter plot, then it’s record would appear as a card. During analysis, if I find outlier in plot, I wanna immediately access to its corresponding record without go&back between plot and table.

Any reaction would be appreciated, have a nice weekend!

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Can you post a screenshot? so we can better understand what you mean.

We will add such a feature in a later version.

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Sorry for not having given detail. I just want to add Stacked Bar Chart in this group. But it’s a minor request, so not high priority.

Thanks! We will add such a feature in a future release.

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