Prefill value in forms does not work with link to other records column

I am using the Seatable version 2.7 and create a link to a child table from a parent table using a URL which the user can click.
Parent table has the field Plan ID the value of which is prefilled in the button URL. In the child table there is another Plan ID field which is to be linked. The button URL points to a form which allows the user to fill in fields in the child table.
The issue is this:

  • When the Plan ID field in the child table is a simple text field the prefilled value fills in correctly.
  • However when the Plan ID field in the child table is a link field (linked to the parent table) then the Plan ID field value remains blank (ie. the value is not prefilled).

The prefill URL that I am using is

A gif that may explain the issue is below:
seatable issue cropped

Full gif link

The prefill function does not support link columns - as you can see.

Should not be a problem though. Here’s my advice: Use the prefill function to populate the Plan ID column and then have the “auto add link” data processing operation create the link between your tables “QA results” and “Planning”.

In SeaTable Developer Edition, which you run, the operation cannot be automated. You must run it manually. In SeaTable Enterprise Edition, the operation can run automatically.

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Thank you I have adopted this workflow. Is this something on the features set planned for future ?

SeaTable web forms are still under active development. It will most likely be supported in the future, but please understand that it is not a high-priority topic.

I took the liberty of marking the topic as solved.


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