Random Unique Value


I am wondering if there is a possibility to automatically create an unique random value in an field?
The unique value should have e.g. 12 digits, characters and should look like e.g. T58NKLOLUK9J
This should be for external puproses a unique value to identify an record.

There is no such column type (nor is there such a column type on the roadmap).
But: This can be scripted!

You can use row._id to get the unique random value for a row. If you need 12 digits, you can truncate it.

Continuing from the colleagues’ answers above:

There are three ways I could think of, to retrieve your row_id, the 1st and 2nd are automatic, and the 3rd is manual and time consuming:

  1. Script it (the simplest, as it retrieves the row_id, and truncates it if needed, and fills it into a column automatically). Refer to the SeaTable Scripts Manual for more details.

  2. You can do it with the API request to list rows in a view, and the response will give you the row_id:

    "rows": [
            "_id": "NAu2B3OcRG6UrWagL-9naA",
            "Name": "212ws1"
            "_id": "P3rdZ2ZKR_Cx923ID04ruA",
            "Name": "212ws1"
  1. If you have the time to do it manually, you can click on a row, press SPACE key, and the row details page will be opened. Now, the row_id is in the address line of your browser:

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Thank you all for your great and fast support :grinning: