Records in linked field not shown entirely


I’m having troubble in a flinked field
I added ~20 linked record in a linked field (a record = 2 letters)
But it shows only 10 records.
When expending I have all the records in the dedicated window yet there is nothing that informs the displayed information is not complete => How do we know that we must click the expand button to have all the relevant information ?
Is it possible to have all the information in the view directly ?

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Thanks for reporting the issue. We will add an indicator to say there are records.

In this case, we can show more items when the row height be set to double or higher. But there should be certainly a maximum value. Showing 1000+ items will cause the web UI freeze.


Just seems there is something NOK with single select field.
Have a look below I’m displaying the root linked & id field (one this single select while the other is the key link)
the single select is displaying at max 10 records while the key linked field is displaying all the records

Notice it’s a bit pity since I’ve used short id to have easy check and view of the people listed :grin:

What do you mean by “root linked & id field”?

Can your screenshot include the table header? So that I can understand what column types are the two columns.

Here it is :slight_smile:
Root linked → Original primary field from linked table => Display all the value
Id Field → Standard other look-up field => Display only 10 items

Thanks for the snapshot. We will check the issue.

Just want to add that I am having the same issue. I have, for example, 11 linked records in one column but only 10 are shown. The 11 records show up in the pop-up and also the correct number of 11 records is shown in another column with a “countlinks” formula.

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We will fix the problem in SeaTable 2.8 which is be released soon.

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