Relationship between colum

I’m not sure if it’s feasible or planned but one thing is missing for my purpose
I would like to have one column changing it’s value based on another column value on the same line but for checklist.
You may say that formulas are the way, but i’m not sure that i can achieve things like :

  • IF all items in a checklist are true (it required long text column to create a checklist), then select this singlechoice value

any guidelines would be great

Hi Benoit,

thanks for sharing your idea. The checklist in a long text cannot be retrieved by a formula or a javascript. It’s considered as a “pure text”. I’m afraid to archive your goal, you’ll have to use checkbox column type for all your checklist items, or if there are too many diverse items, do it by hand. Sorry!


Thanks, that was my fear.
Would your team consider another column type : checklist
that would be a really great feature to extend the checkbox that is a bit … space-consuming in term of table visibility

This is a good idea! I’ll note it.

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