Reliability / Availability Issues of the CLOUD-Version?

Any problems there?
We have continuous problems having ZAPIER access our Seatable BASE. ZAPIER-Alert: “SeaTable: Trigger partner failure: The app did not respond in-time.” We had over 100 Error-E-Mails only TODAY! Many of our tests to post on Social Media Plattforms failed. This was ablolutely reliable with our Cloud-MySQL-Database, we host on our HETZNER-Server. Is this a temporary issue or will this be a lasting problem?

Hi Hagen,

I am pretty sure what you call reliability/availability issues are in reality API rate limits.

Could you check that?

How can I “check” that? At this moment, we run five ZAPs, that check for new entries to post. How would I manage this? Is there a dashboard in the CLOUD-Version about the API-requests?

Exactly which action are you using? Reading rows from a table, I guess? There’s a system limitation of 100 API calls per minute for reading rows in the Cloud.

See the System Limitations - SeaTable Admin Manual

If this limit is crucial to you, you could consider switching to a selfhosted SeaTable, where you can configure this limit yourself.

Thx for the explaination. 100 API Calls / min seems quite a lot. How can I learn more about “what exactly is ONE API-call?” and: Is there a dashboard, where I can see the amount of inbound API-calls?

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