Reverse proxy, oauth and external links

I use Traefik as my reverse proxy with Oauth provided using this image. Everything is working correctly.

I now want to bypass Oauth for shared links (external links) and want to know how to achieve this or if anyone else has had any success. I’ve tried bypassing the path /dtable/external-links and /api in my reverse proxy without much success. The links load but don’t display the table.

Is there a doc that outlines how External Links work regarding what resources they request and or what headers are used in the requests?

External links appear to make requests to the following paths;

  • PathPrefix(/dtable/external-links)
  • PathPrefix(/media)
  • PathPrefix(/dtable-server)
  • PathPrefix(/api)
  • PathPrefix(/
  • PathPrefix(/thumbnail)
  • PathPrefix(/workspace)
  • PathPrefix(/seafhttp)

Bypassing all these paths makes external links bypass my Oauth and work but I’m sure this can’t be secure.

Any help appreciated. Thanks.

Hi Rob, first of all, welcome to the SeaTable Forum!
Your question got me. I wish someone more experienced can answer it soon!