Rich Text formation in Page Builder

Is there any chance to have RichText Filed rendered with rich formating options in the PageDesing plugin (especially in Tabular Mode) ?

Could you explain what you mean by “rich text field”? Are you talking about the long text field?

If yes, what exactly is the issue you want to highlight? The rendering uses the format that you give the text in the long text editor.

i have included a table field in the page.
This table includes RichText Field, when the column is too small, the field is cut.
(Here I managed to finely adjust the comments field but I may have longer comments)

A carriage return or rendering in RichText format would be great

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I see, you are talking about the special case of long text columns in linked records which are integrated in a page using a table.

This is something we will certainly look into in the future. Unfortunately, it’s not on the short term development plan (next 4 months).