Scipts automation

Hello everybody,
I’m just trying to play with scripts, and I find them really powerful !!
I wonder if you plan to add any kind of automatic triggering for the scripts just like the notifications : for example automatically run a script every day or each time a base is updated.
Thanks a lot and, once again, congrats for this empowering tool !!


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After reading your posts, I think the most intuitive way to meet your needs is as following:

  1. Use a form to let families to record their times
  2. Use a script to calculate the needed summary of cleaning time and repairing time. You don’t need to use functions relying on links, which is complicated and not intuitive.
  3. For reporting, you can write a script to send emails to each family.

We will add Python script support in the next release which will support sending emails. You can customize the contents of email the way you wanted.

In version 1.6 (next/next release), you can schedule a script to run every day.

Hi @daniel.pan,
Thanks for reading all my posts !
I totally agree with you, I think this i the best way to achieve my goal.

That’s great ! I found a way to send email using javascript, but it was not very clean (I had to hardcode my connexion information and to paste the whole inside my script). Python will add a lot of possibilities !

This is everything I need ! I can’t wait to see how SeaTable will evolve : the development roadmap is really impressive, so many new features are planned… Congratulations again ! :+1: :clap:t2: