SeaTable 2.0 out now!

Roughly 11 months after the initial release of SeaTable, we are proud to say:

SeaTable 2.0 is now available on as well as Docker Hub for installation on your own server.

The new major release brings three new column types, two new plugins and lots of bigger and smaller improvements such as optional default values for columns, manual snapshots, advanced security settings to prevent data leakage, and folders to organize libraries.

Additionally, we have added Russian as an interface language. For this, we owe an enormous amount of gratitude to @akirichenko.

Please have a look at the Release Note for a detailed description of SeaTable 2.0’s highlights. (There are plenty!) For a complete list of all changes in the new version, visit the Changelog .


The SeaTable API Reference has also been updated to the latest version!


I really love Kanban et page builder new functions.
Great work and kudos to the whole team behind.
still open items on my wishlist :

  • use of leaflet instead of google maps
  • embedding capability of the page built, with a navigation button to switch between items. would be great for an online catalog
  • rework of the home page, like opening by default the preferred base with only a column on the left to switch to another base.

but that’s really great already.

Was just testing the page designer. A very much awaited and appreciated addition to SeaTable! A few comments from my side though:

  • Once an item is placed on the page to select it again it only works with a right click and dismissing the context menu, left clicking doesn’t select the item to see the settings in the sidebar
  • In the print dialogue when I select ‘View Records’ to print/export all records to PDF, all pages but the first are blank. The number of pages created is correct though.

Perhaps you haven’t enabled the editing mode? Click on “Edit” and then you can select the items and work on them again.

This is strange, I couldn’t reproduce this. What happens when you click on “Previous record” and “Next record” in the editing mode?

Editing mode is enabled. Otherwise I couldn’t select anything ofc. It’s a minor annoyance but still a bit complicated having to select an item like this.

It works as expected there but somehow it’s not working in the print dialogue.

In the second screenshot you can see one of the blank pages that is created. There are 17 records, so that would be correct but no content is displayed on pages 2-17.

Also I’m a bit confused about this setting…

Screen Shot 2021-05-28 at 12.23.20

I can provide a name when exporting to PDF but I cannot find the functionality to export it to PDFs anywhere, only the print dialogue? There is an export function in the pages overview of the plugin but it only allows exports to JSON.

You are right, this function is not yet finished…

Which browser are you using? I tested it on Microsoft Edge and it works like a clock. But on Firefox it is exactly like what you have described: the selecting of items and also the printing…

Yup I’m working with Firefox. As you are unfortunately still not supporting Safari this is the only other non-chromium based browser (or spyware as some would say) that we and our customers can use as an alternative. With the majority of mobile users being on iOS I’m still heartbroken that Safari is not supported properly :grimacing::wink: Please, don’t stop supporting Firefox as well :pray:

I remember this conversation :wink: And I don’t think we’ll stop supporting Firefox. This issue has been reported just now.

Glad to hear it. Thanks for your efforts!!!

Regarding browsers…when you think about it, in many organizations employees are not even allowed to freely install apps/browsers on their PCs and phones. So for the majority of corporate iPhone/iPad users SeaTable might never work properly. Considering the market dominance of iDevices this is a large potential user base to ignore. Not complaining, just trying to softly persuade you to maybe change your mind about browser support policy in the future :grin: To end this post on a more positive note…we are very impressed by SeaTable and the speed of development. We already used it successfully in several projects and recommended it to many of our partners and customers :clap:t2:

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Congrats on the new release!

My wishlist is now to have the views (Kanban, Gallery, Timeline, etc.) shareable.

That’s interesting, we got a few votes in.

I summarize the wishes expressed so far:

  • Making the views in the plugins shareable
  • Safari support (and improved Firefox support)
  • Leaflet support for map plugin
  • Embedding option for the page design plugin
  • Improved homepage

For all other readers, what are your wishes? (Please no laundry list of features that are nice-to-haves. Focus on one/two things that you deem essential or a great value add.)

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I will add one more that I consider “essential”:

Being able to export a table view to PDF as seen on screen. The is the single most asked for feature with all our employees, partners and customers. The print functionality as it is right now (with the ‘fit to width’ option activated) doesn’t respect the width of the columns on the screen and instead makes all columns the same width to fit them on the page. This leads to long text fields being cut off and information being lost (‘wrap long text’ works only as long as it fits the height of the cell) and cells that carry almost no information using up unnecessary page estate. The ‘as is’ option for column width on the other hand circumvents the problems above but gives no control over where the row will be cut off and a new page is created. Having a page break in the middle of a row makes no sense for most tables and the feature pretty much useless. Exporting to Excel is a more than tedious workaround and needs a lot of re-formating. Also some information like images and label colors etc. get lost in the process. What is needed is a simple way to force a view to PDF the way it is formatted on screen and just scaling it down enough so the full row fits to one page (without changing relative column width) but still making proper page breaks relative to the height of the chosen page size. I really hope I’m explaining this in a way that makes sense? :grimacing:

Thanks for this detailed description.

Big thanks to the Seatable team for making this a very easy and pleasant upgrade!

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