SeaTable 2.2 out now!

Did anyone say anything about summer break? Not here! SeaTable 2.2 is now available on SeaTable Cloud. Beginning tomorrow, self-hosters will find the new release on Docker Hub for download.

This are the highlights:

  • Automations : Have SeaTable carry out repetitive tasks for you. In the new version, SeaTable can automatically add rows, modify rows, lock rows, and send notifications. (… and more to come!)
  • External apps : Make the data in your SeaTable bases publicly searchable: Product catalog, inventory, and results of a public survey are just three examples.
  • Nested groups : Cluster data in groups created over up to three columns
  • Cascading single select columns : Create a cascading relationship between two single select columns for faster data capture.
  • More table permissions : Determine table-by-table which users can view, add, modify, and delete rows.
  • Better data processing : The new operation Auto add link compares values in two tables and automatically creates link between matching records.

Automations, external apps and table permissions are for SeaTable Cloud Enterprise subscribers and SeaTable Server Enterprise Edition users.

You want to know more about SeaTable 2.2? Have a look at the Release Notes for more information about SeaTable 2.2’s highlights. For an even more detailed list of changes, visit the Changelog.

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For our German users there is a new YouTube video, in which the latest features of release 2.2 are presented:

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The following very interesting webpages are also updated with 2.2:

This is cool! The external app query is nice (though I’m getting a “Failed to update app config” on my Seatable Cloud table when I try to actually edit the app).

I request the Gallery view be ported to be an External App too please!

Congrats on the new release!

Could you send a screenshot of your browser console to

You’ll not be disappointed :wink:


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Thanks for sending us your screenshot. We couldn’t reproduce the problem. As this is a topic under 2.2, I would rather suggest you to test it in 2.3 again, and if it’s still like this, open a new post. Let’s leave this post because it’s outdated.