SeaTable CE 1.1 is ready! Formula and link feature are much improved

SeaTable community edition 1.1 is ready now.

The plugin system is redesigned. Plugins are now installed by system admins and users can choose which plugins to active for their bases. Normal users can not install plugins directly. This improves security of the system.

Formula and link feature are much improved. Formula can use other formula columns. Link columns and formula columns can be used in filters and groupbys now.

Forms now support conditional fields and required fields.

Other improvements and fixes:

  • Support using multiple numeric columns in a single chart
  • Support importing new data to an existing table
  • Add favorite category to list starred bases
  • Many other UI fixes and improvements
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We’ve been told that HTTPS support would be enforced in 1.1.0 version.
I just upgraded, it is not better than described here :

Is this workaround recommended ? :



Can you try to remove dtable_web_service_url in

In version 1.1, if it is removed, will be used. So that you don’t need to make https work locally.

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Daniel Pan