Seatable DE vs EE Versions

I notice that with each new release the developer edition only has an image for the initial release and nothing for subsequent tiny releases, while the enterprise edition does. For example 2.8 only has 2.8.0 for developer, but for enterprise has all the tiny releases aligned with the changelog.

I assume this means the developer edition never gets bug fixes and improvements that the enterprise one does?

I ask because my company has just started using Seatable developer to run our production scheduling from. I’m making the case to move to the self hosted enterprise edition and this is an important differentiator between the two that I haven’t seen documented anywhere else.

It is correct that, for every release of SeaTable DE, we only release one build.

But it is not correct that SeaTable DE does not get bug fixes.

The released SeaTable DE image includes many improvements and fixes added in later builds of SeaTable EE. Take version 2.8 for instance. SeaTable EE 2.8.0 was published on Docker Hub on Feb 25. SeaTable DE 2.8.0 saw the light of the day on March 23 - the same day that SeaTable EE 2.8.10 was pushed to Docker Hub.

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