Selection list linked columns not scrollable on mobile

I wanted to select an entry in a linked column on the smartphone.
Only the first 10 entries from the linked table appear, unfortunately it is then not possible to scroll down.
The desired entry could be selected via the search field.

Hi, to find out a solution or eventually file a bug report, I would need you to tell me:

  • Which OS do you have (iOS, Android, or else?)
  • Which browser do you use?
  • If convenient, would be nice to post a screenshot.

Thanks in advance for your cooperation.

I use Android 11.
I tested it with Firefox and Chrome in both Browsers the same behavior.
Thereby i noticed in Chrome a app is available, there is it the same.

In the screenshot you can see the first 10 entries of over 40

Thanks for the reply with the screenshot! Now I understand fully.

This problem was supposed to have been solved in an earlier version. No idea why it appeared again. We’ll have a look!

SeaTable 2.3 is out now and includes a fix for your reported problem.

Could you test and mark this topic as solved if it is?

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