Sending EMails to a Data Set to create new rows, attachments or comments

Esp. for working with action lists or issue tickets, it is convenient to create some data objects (Text or Attachments) by sending an email to the corresponding data set.
There are some ways I can imagine:
1st: create a new row with email text data and attachment, adding some default initial values.
2nd: creating a comment to an existing row.

Is there something like this planned or already available.

I am not sure I understand your question completely.

So here just some general comments: SeaTable Enterprise comes with automations. An automation executes one or multiple actions based on a set of conditions (aka rules). This are the available actions:
Logically, you can also create a cascade of automations, meaning that one automation does something that triggers another automation. Example: One automation creates a new record, another automation does something with the newly created record.

Comments are possible, but you cannot work with them in an easy fashion. You cannot trigger an automation based on a comment and you cannot use automations to add a comment.

Thanks for your reply.
I understand I can send an email from Seatable TO an email address of somebody.

My whish is just to have the contrary direction of an email flow:
I send an email to an address related to a specific table in Seatable. In this case a new row would be created with email text and attachments.
An other case I send an email to an address of a specific record. The mail text is attached to this record as a comment.

The use case behind are e.g.:

  • Adding an issue to a personal issue table
  • Adding mails to a project communication log table
  • Adding comments to issues by mail.

Actually this is a feature of Zenkit.
I understand that this feature is more for use cases where the knowledge of the mail addresses can be controlled. A big project issue table better uses forms.

I suggest you use an integration platform like Zapier, Make, … to achieve what you have in mind.

They make it super simple to create an integration between SeaTable on one hand and other web-based services on the other (including email service on the other such as Gmail, GMX, …)

These two uses cases should be relatively straightforward with them:

I am not sure if this one is supported:

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