Server hiccup after Migration from SeaTable DE to EE

Hello dear SeaTable Team,
we wanted to migrate from the SeaTable Developer Edition to the Enterprise Edition. For this we followed the instructions:

Our steps:

  1. sudo docker-compose down
  2. Copied license TXT file to the appropriate location (we used the same paths as in the instructions for our SeaTable DE installation, more information at the end).
  3. sudo docker pull seatable/seatable-ee:latest
  4. Modifying the docker-compose.yml (as described in the instructions).
  5. sudo docker-compose up -d
  6. sudo docker exec -d seatable /shared/seatable/scripts/ start

Unfortunately, we then get a server error message as described in the screenshot.

What we did:

We have upgraded from SeaTable DE 2.4 to the SeaTable EE latest (which should then be an EE 2.5). We also tried SeaTable EE 2.4.6 to keep at least the same minor version.

Additional info:

  • In our Docker setup, we had to run all docker and docker-compose commands with sudo.
  • We brought the seatable-license.txt to the server with the following steps: on the server we ran touch seatable-license.txt and then copy-pasted the contents of the license file via SSH / nano.
  • After it didn’t work, we ran sudo chmod 777 seatable-license.txt as we suspected a permission issue

Thank you very much for your support.

Hi Daniel,

trying to migrate between the same minor version was a smart idea. Too bad this didn’t do the trick.

Do you have some log output that you could share here? And where did you put the license file? Which path?


Hi Ralf,
I have found the error myself.

My license includes 10 users. In the DE instance I had already created 18 users. The trick was: deactivate 8 users, do the migration again and voila: It works!

Btw: the update from 2.4.x to 2.5.5 also worked seamlessly.

Thanks for the quick responses. Your product and team is great!!!

KR Daniel

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Great! Glad you found the solution.

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