Share column settings between tables

Is it possible (and easy) to share column settings with another table?

Say I have ‘tags’ multiple-select column with ten or fifteen choices, and the choices may be added to and edited later.

I want the same column in another table (in the same base).

Sometimes I’ll want to copy the initial column settings, but then have the columns diverge as they’re edited. So this would be a straight copy of the settings from one table to another.

And ideally sometimes I’d like to ‘clone’ the column settings to the other table, so that they’re synchronised when edited and always contain the same multiple-choices as each other.

I’m not technical and we’re on the free account, so if it would require scripting or clever tech stuff, or a subscription, then that would be out of our scope.


Hi Neb,

I would recommend that you work with a common data set.
This means you only have to maintain your multiple selection column in one place and can include it in several places.

You can find instructions and all the necessary information here.

Why don’t you simply export the options from single/multiple select options (the two column types for which this makes sense). Then you can import them in any other table - in the same base or another.

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Why don’t you simply export the options from single/multiple select options

Thanks. That was the ‘copy’ functionality I was looking for.

I would recommend that you work with a common data set.

Thanks for your reply.

I thought of ‘datasets’ and started reading about them, but it seemed like that feature shares a whole column between tables and bases, including all the data in that column?

Whereas I was wondering if just the column settings could be syncronised in two tables, but the actual data in the columns would be different?

I did manage to find and use the import/export tool for column settings, which will do - it just means when one of the multiple-select options gets added or changed, I need to remember to manually change the one in the other table too.

Glad to hear that. I took the liberty and marked my response as solution.

Common datasets are a very powerful and amazing feature and I see why @fsa mentioned it. In your use case though, I think the export/import is the easier and better solution.

Yeah, I don’t fully understand the common dataset feature, even though I’ve read some of the manual about it. From what I gather, it’s focused around pushing data from a ‘parent table’ into several ‘dependent’ tables, which can then be synced with changes made to the parent table.

But what I imagined might be possible was creating column ‘presets’ that could be inserted into tables. And when the settings in a column preset are updated, the changes are reflected all the table that use that preset. But just settings - not the column data.

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