Sharing view via external link: images fail to load

Dear SeaTable team,

we’re a registered association (“eingetragener Verein”, e.V.) and came to use SeaTable to hold our member database. We want to share a subset of the data across our members via external link as a kind of internal directory, allowing easily to connect with each other.

Unfortunately, the photos of each of our members that we’re allowed to share don’t display via the shared link (see attached screenshot). Clicking on the substitute icon only renders the message: “This image failed to load.”

Does this have anything to do with how SeaTable sets up permission to see linked data, among other things? Or is this just a bug that hopefully could be fixed? :slightly_smiling_face:

Best wishes

It is likely the images is copied from another base. The images are still stored in another base, only the URLs are copied. The be-shared users can’t see the images because permission problem.

You can download the images and re-upload them to this base.

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