Show full cell values on pop-up for selecting linked records

The pop-up from which you can select linked records only shows the very beginning of each of the columns in the records. In our case, with records having fairly long text values, this makes it impossible to find the right record unless you know exactly what you are looking for:

Maybe I am missing something, but there does not seem to be an option to show more of the abridged column values. Maybe a tool to resize the window or show a tooltip with the full cell contents when hovering over it could solve this?

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Hi, thanks for your post.

To scroll the records left and right, there are three ways:

  1. By using your mouse wheel while pressing and holding Shift.
  2. By using your touch-pad (if using a laptop or similar).
  3. By clicking on the left and right arrows on the dialogue:


Thanks for your response. I am not referring to scrolling between columns, though. I am talking about showing more of the value in the columns themselves (e.g. in the screenshot, ‘Explain how the…’ is a much longer piece of text in the original cell but I cannot seem to display the rest of the text in this view).

Thanks for your further explanation. We’ll add this as a feature request.

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Thank you. Is there any current workaround that I have missed, by any chance?

There could be a workaround, which I’ve been very fond of: that is the search.
When the Add link dialogue is open (by double-clicking with the mouse, or by pressing Enter on the selected link cell), you can directly start typing a search keyword from your keyboard. This will dynamically filter the records. Have you tried that?

Yeah, I’m aware of Search but, unfortunately, that requires that you know exactly what you are looking for, which won’t always be the case in our situation.

So you have longer text to look at for the linking.
Perhaps change the linking direction? I mean, from the table that holds these texts, set up the linking to the current table. That could be easier.

Yeah, I thought of that as well, but the workflow does not work that well in the other direction, and we’d still have the problem with another text column :grinning:

I don’t know much about web dev, but is there a way we could write a bit of JavaScript to customise this view on our end? Or would that be impossible/too involved?

I think it’s impossible to use JavaScript to customize the Add link dialogue.

But as you use JavaScript, perhaps you can use it to link the cells automatically by filtering. But as you said, you don’t know exactly which keywords to use. So this is just a thought.

I’m running out of ideas! Sorry if this couldn’t help you. But your feature request is listed.

Yeah, I think we’ve pretty much exhausted the possibilities. Thanks for your suggestions and for adding the feature request!

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Hi again, I’m glad to inform you that this feature request has been listed and it will be implemented in version 2.6.3 which will come out soon!

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