Some observations (possibly bugs)

Hi there!

Working a lot with your product has many upsides, it is a wonderful product. The downside is I come across some bugs (I think). I choose to report them every time, not to complain but to help to make te product even better!

  1. When a Long Text field is selected (not opened) and I start typing the first character of your text is lost. Some details: When typing the first character of a word, the Text Editing windows opens, I see for a brief moment the first character, then the cursor moves and overwrites the first char.

  2. A change in te position of a column effects all views in that table. Because the purpose of views is to present your data in a different way, it should be possible to change the order of columns. When I change the order of a column, it changes in all views which is not what I would expect (and need)

  3. When having the comment panel (right hand side) open, it happens frequently that when walking through records, I hit the spacebar for expanded view and nothing happens. After a while I discovered that the space character was entered in de comments chat field. I have tried to reproduce this, many times the space is entered in the comments field and sometimes not and is the record opened in expanded view. It looks like is happens more often when having focus on long text fields.

  4. In the long text field you can place a Table (insert Table function). When typing text in a cell which is larger than the column width, the text cuts off and continues on the next line. I say “cut off” because that is what happens. In the middle of a word the text is cut off. This should be at a space position in the text. (btw: It would be nice te have the possibility to resize the columns of the table)

  5. When working with your team in seatable, changes in records are instantly visible to other users. (=great!). But when in expanded record view, changes are not directly visible. I can image this is “as designed”, but wanted to mention it anyway.

  6. In expanded view, when making comments they are not directly visible to other users. When another user types a comment while in expanded view, I can’t see the comment. When both closing the expanded record view, I see by the comment-icon (bubble) that a comment had been made, but when looking in the record the comment is not visible. Only after a refresh of the browser page the comment hets visible in the record.

Phew, lot of typing. I hope this makes sense. If you want these point as separate items in this forum let me know. I’ll cut and paste them…


Hi Peter,
thanks for all the details. We were aware of some of the issues you described (and we have the firm intention of fixing them), but some were also new. We’ll add them to the list of known issue and so we’ll hopefully get to them soon.

Allow me just one question: When you say “expanded view”, you refere to the “row details” right? So the model that pops up when you click on the enlarge icon to the left of the row.


yes, the expanded view are the row details that popup when hitting the space-bar (my preferred method) or the enlarge icon at the left of the row.

Thanks for these precious feedback! Allow me to echo them…

  1. This problem is a known issue since quite a few weeks. The Chinese developers firstly found this problem, as they start typing Chinese characters directly into a selected long text cell. The first character will always be wrong, as, for example, they wanted to type in “Mao”, but it came out “ao”. I think they are still trying hard to solve this problem, as it took so much time, I would presume this is not an easy issue.

  2. Views are used to filter and group records, but not really to decide how it looks (column width and row height in the next releases, for example). But I find your suggestion very constructive, though!

  3. I couldn’t reproduce this, but I’m sure, as you use SeaTable more often, you’ll find your own way, as there must be a pattern of behavior which may or may not be “designed”… :joy:

  4. Yes, exactly! The “cutting”, or, as we say, “line break” behavior is currently not “friendly” with western language system. I have reported this issue a long time ago. I’m sure somebody’s doing something about it right now.

  5. Changes are not synchronized on the row details page, this is a known issue, too. I think it’ll be fixed in the very next release, which is 1.6!

  6. This is, however, strange, as from SeaTable 1.4, comments are real-time and making the comment window a practical “chat room”. See our Release Note for 1.4: we have highlighted this new feature there. If you are using the cloud version on Chrome browser or browsers with Chrome engine, this shouldn’t be happening. If this problem insists, please let us know.

And - we definitely want you to write them in one post, exactly like what you have done here - thanks a lot and have a happy holiday!