Some sorts cause errors in “Link to other records” columns with "Limit row selection for a view"


I’ve been adding more (and more complex) tables and views to my test bases.

Unfortunately, there’s an issue I’ve noticed with “Link to other records” type columns:
For some tables I’ve created several views with different filters and sort orders. I’d like to use these views when linking the tables from other tables.

However, depending on the original table’s column types and the view’s sort order, this feature can break.

By that I mean: When selecting an affected view in “Limit row selection for a view”, and then trying to add an entry to a row, the “Add link” window doesn’t pop up. Instead, you only get a blank page in the browser and several errors in the browser console.

For example:

  1. Table A has columns of type “Link to other records”, “Link formula” or “Formula”.
  2. Create a View for Table A with a Sort based on any one of these columns.
  3. In Table B, create a column of type “Link to other records”, linking Table A.
  4. Enable “Limit row selection for a view” and select the View from step 2

You can’t select any records in the link column in Table B. The “Add link” window doesn’t appear and you only get a blank page.

Views sorted by other column types (number, text, etc.) work fine when used with “Limit row selection for a view”.

I’m using SeaTable EE version 2.2.6 (on-premises).

Thanks for the bug report. We will take this into the issue list and hopefully solve it soon!