Sorry, i don't get the rollup function

Hi, i have two Bases: Projects and polls.

After finishing a project, i want to send the poll base as a form to customers to get their feedback. The results will be then listet in the polls base.

I then want to get the average rating of each column in the poll base and show them in the projects base to see how the project was ratet by the customer.

My problem is that i get confused by the rollup function and can’t get it to work.
Is it because it’s not in the same base? And is there a proper step by step howto?

Thank you very much

Hi, welcome to the SeaTable Forum!

Generally, the rollup function doesn’t get data across bases, as bases are considered as separated containers in SeaTable.

But there’re at least two ways I can think of to sync data between two bases:

  1. Zapier. With Zapier’s SeaTable automations, you can set up a “Zap” and let it automatically detect changes in one base, and create a new row in the other base. So when a customer fills out a form, a new row is created in your survey base. This will trigger the Zap and Zapier automatically creates a new row in your data base and fill in the values that you told Zapier to choose from the survey. Now you can use rollup in your data base.

  2. Common dataset. This is a manual sync function in SeaTable. To use common datasets, you’ll have to put your survey base and data base in the same group or in different groups that you are an admin of. A table can be published as a common dataset, and the groups that have access to this common dataset can sync data from this dataset.

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