Sorting the related items by a specific field

Say I’ve got two tables :

  • a project table
  • a task table with 3 colums : Name of the task, TargetDate of task, Project (related to project table)

In the project table, I want to see all tasks assigned to each project, 1 line = 1 project
So I’ve created a ‘project’ related field in the task table, all tasks appear well.
Sadly, they seem to be ordered by the date of creation of the task.
I would like to be able to sort them by the TargetDate and it seems not feasible.

Any clue of potential improvement?
Thanks again to the whole team

I am not sure I understand you. Isn’t that exactly what you have in the tasks able (see below)?

For this screenshot, I used a filter to only show the tasks related to the project “new corporate website”.

If this is what you want, then just use a sort over the target date in order to sort the tasks ascending/descending.

Sorry, I was not accurate enough in my explanations.

Eg :
two tables : project and task
in task, I made this :

See, 4 tasks created and named by order, but due date are not in the same order

Now, in project table, I have this :

You can see that tasks are listed by order of creation. And I can’t sort them

I would need to be able to :

  1. sort them by a defined factor from task table
  2. hide them based on a defined factor (like single choice status?)

Hope it’s clearer :slight_smile:

Apologies, still not entire sure what you mean.

Do you mean that you want an option to sort the linked records in the wizard like shown below?

So you want to see only a selection of records from a linked table (i.e., a view)?

If my understanding is correct, I have good news for you: The latter will be added in SeaTable 1.8 scheduled for release in March 2021. The former, I haven’t seen on the development roadmap, but I agree that this is an convenience function that should be added. (I would add: a search is missing in the wizard.)

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Exactly !
A sort field, a hide field and a search field.
with the possibility to predefine these items.
Great news, hope that 1.8 will include all of these :slight_smile: