Strange name cropping in group header for grouping view in linked table

Hi everyone !
I noticed something a bit annoying, which is probably not exactly a but, but definitely would be better if it worked using a slightly different strategy…
When you create a Grouping view, each group starts with a “header” summarizing interesting information like count, sum, etc. The first column of this header contains the name of the parameter used as grouping parameter.
If this parameter is linked to another table, it is cropped, which is not a bad idea, as it can be too long to be displayed entirely. However, the cropping strategy is pretty weird : it seems to remove the 3 or 4 last characters, regardless of the length of the parameter !
Let’s look at a very simple example, with three families presented in a first table (see below)
As you can see, their names have different lengths.
Now, I create a second table, linked to the first one, with hours of volunteering data for each family. If I create a grouping view for this second table, here are my headers :
As you can see, the shortest family name, “Name”, is cropped to one single letter, which is not really convenient for differentiation ! Ok, I admit (or rather I hope), nobody is called “Name” :joy: but it can be complicated with short identifiers anyway. Is it possible to crop the grouping parameter only if it is longer than a defined number of characters ? I would be great(er than it is already !).

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Hi Benjamin,

good observation and we’ll have a look at it.


I can confirm this is an issue in the 2.3.x. But in the coming 2.4.x version, it’s solved:


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I dont know if this is a Bug, but if you search in Seatable, the Group-Name, like “LongName” is not searchable.

Is it possible to include the Groupname into the search?

So you mean by “group name” the “LongName” like in the use case above?
This is not really a group name, but a cell value that’s shared by all the rows in that group.

So when you search “LongName”, you are not searching for a group name, but searching for a value, like this

In this table, we group by “Customer” and when you search “Bungee”, the values in that column which include “Bungee” are highlighted.

If your table has too many columns and that highlighted column, by which this view is grouped, is out of sight, you’ll not see it highlighted, of course. In this case, just scroll horizontally until this column is visible.

Thanks for your reply.

In my case, I hid the column, which I selected for the group. The Group are “Clients”.
So because I did a Group for the column, there is no need to show it in each row for me.

Hope you understand!

Greetings Nico

Of course, I can understand that. I can list this as a feature request but I’m not sure if it’ll be realized any time soon, because the search function optimization has a lower priority already, let alone the fatal functionalities.

So I would suggest you, in this case, use your browser’s search function by pressing F3 and the group names will be highlighted by your browser!


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