Suppression of all lines in a table killed it


in 1.7.0 DE, i have tried to remove all lines from one table in default view on my shared database.
For that, I’ve used the global checkbox located on the upper left of the table, all lines go blue as expected, then right clicked on first cell and choosed delete line

I can’t enter anymore in the this specific sheet, the other table load fine.
Luckily, I had a form connected to this table and also a linked sheet.
I can confirm that the table is empty as supposed, and when i enter a new value through my form, the table is accessible again.

I can provide debug on request if you explain me howto :slight_smile:
Here is an animated gif !

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@daniel.pan would you take a look?

The bug has been fixed already. The fix will be included in version 1.8.

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I can confirm that now, thanks !