Transparency of Seatable development - Roadmap available?

Hi there,

I’m slowly getting into Air-/Seatable and I see a lot of use-cases for me and my colleagues.
As Seatable actively compares itself to Airtable, I am hoping that you’re catching up regarding usability and functionality someday soon because I’d prefer a solution hosted in Europe.

Straight to the point: before I write Feature Requests - is there an openly accesible roadmap to see what’s planned for the next updates?

Keep up the great work.

BR Paul

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Hey pbdd,
right now, there is no public roadmap.
Currently, we work on a new feature for customer requests because this forum is not the right place. The list of customer requests is getting messy and is not structured. As soon as we have this system we will provide a public available roadmap.
Best regards



Welcome to the community, @pbdd!

Also, glad to see you around here more often, @cdb, I try to learn as much as possible from your Youtube videos, even they are in German and I’m not a native speaker! Thank you! :slight_smile:


I’ve asked the same thing in the past, since I’ve seen many people asking things that had already been reported in other threads that would be implemented in “x” version of Seatable, no doubt a public roadmap will help not only with the internal organization (of Seatable), but also with the way we plan the use of the tool, since eventually, we won’t spend time adapting alternatives for something that will be supported more natively in the future.

(Just to be clear, in no way do I expect my intervention to sound rude, it is not the intention and I apologize If It seems).


This seems like a very good use case to be applied using the teachings from your last Youtube video, right?!


Thank you for all the attention and willingness of all Seatable members, always very helpful and kind!

Have a nice time!

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