Trouble connecting to Onlyoffice server: javascript not enabled?

Hello again!

Different issue this time. For now i have JWT tokens disabled on onlyoffice to test out the new functionality. however, after setting up the correct address and settings in i get this error, which i have no idea where it comes from:

Any advice on where to begin troubleshooting this would be really appreciated!

I’m using Seatable EE 3.0.16.

Can you ping the hostname from within your docker container?

If the hostname cannot be resolved, you need to either modify the hosts file (quick and dirty, but not restart save), you modify your docker-compose.yml (a bit more complicated, but works even after a a restart), or you modify your local DNS server.

The container didn’t have ping, i did a wget of the page:

It can indeed reach the server it seems

SeaTable (-> the seatable container) and ONLYOFFICE (-> the onlyoffice/documentserver container) communicate via hostnames. If the hostnames cannot be resolved or there are other issues, you encounter the error message you see.

Ah, you mean i should use the internal LAN denomination instead of the external URL for Onlyoffice?

No, not necessarily. You can use hostname (as opposed to IP addresses), but then DNS resolution must work. Additionally, some gateways do not allow NAT loopback which means accessing a local resource from a local resource using a WAN IP.

This is a practical test to check if SeaTable and ONLYOFFICE can communicate with one another:

  • In SeaTable Docker container: curl https://ONLYOFFICE_HOSTNAME/welcome/
  • In ONLYOFFICE container: curl https://SEATABLE_HOSTNAME/accounts/login/

If both return HTML code, the two containers can communicate. If ONLYOFFICE does not work correctly, then the problem is in the configuration in

If either command comes back with an error message, there you have your problem.

That did help in troubleshooting the issue! It seems that Seatable accesses onlyoffice a bit differently than nextcloud (in terms of my networking setup), which is why i was so stumped.


Oh, and i guess i should leave this here for whoever is in the same situation:

If you are using Authelia to protect both Seatable and Onlyoffice, you must create 2 extra rules for bypassing your own IP, one for Seatable and one for Onlyoffice.

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