Unable to register

I am trying to get registered to SeaTable. So I get to https://seatable.io/en/registrierung/ & added my email hsiajwo@gmail.com & for second time like this :

However, I am not getting any verification mail. I searched in my mail spam folder and everywhere. Please help me in this situation.

From Nepal :nepal:

Hi, welcome to the SeaTable Forum!
Sorry for the inconvenience, but sometimes the confirmation email comes several minutes later. Would you please check it later? If it still doesn’t come please let us know!

@oseamiya have you received the confirm email now?

Yes, I got it after an hour.

I was actually building an integration of seatable for AppInventor. Can I ask you in message if I got any confusions?

Thankyou !

I was trying to get base access token from auth token but getting this error :

"error_msg":"Library 1154515...... not found"

Isn’t authToken we have to sent as header is same we got from user email & passoword ??

However, I am sucessfully getting the data while using base token using https://cloud.seatable.io/api/v2.1/dtable/app-access-token/ api.

What was exactly your API request to get the access token? What’s the name of your base?

I solved it.

Can I ?

Sure, you can also write to support@seatable.io for better tracking!

I guess, you don’t have message enabled in the community.

That’s not true. Messaging is enabled in the forum. I didn’t find your account on cloud.seatable.io with the email address you provided in the first post though…

This is my mail address I am using testextension19@gmail.com.

What happened to the original email address? I thought you received the activation email 1 hour after the registration? In this case it should be visible in the system.

I have got the error, I forgot the error message.
After then, I messaged my client from Germany to send me a test mail address & password for seatable.

Also, I don’t find way to message you.

This is because you haven’t reached the Trust Level 1 on the forum yet. Sorry for the confusion before! To be able to send messages, you have to reach Trust Level 1 (tl1) by fulfilling the following criteria:


Anyway, you can always post your questions here on the forum. The answers will be added very soon.

I’ve found your new account in the system. Thanks. For free users, the community support is the best way!

I’m closing this topic now. For further questions, just start a new post!