Unable to select link record

I am unable to select a link record in the column when using SeaTable, what could i be doing wrong.

What instance are you using? Cloud or self-hosted? If self-hosted, which version?
Exactly what did you do to select link record? And what was the behavior?

If you give more details, you’ll get help faster.

See the response here https://forum.seatable.io/t/web-form-keeps-giving-an-error/723/2.

I had tried this method thinking it was only form related, but it is not.

On submission of the form it gives an error, but the record is still inserted. On more detail checks on the record I realize that the columns “Link to other records”, are not being filled. Definitely a show stopper please help.

What kind of error? Do you have a screenshot?
Are you using cloud or self-hosted?

Remember to always give more details so that others can understand the problem and eventually help you.

The table(s) that are having the problem was created by importing a CSV, the fields imported were text columns, then converted to Link to Records column. So I went ahead recreated the table from scratch and did not have that problem.

I am using the Developer edition, self hosted. Tested on other CSV created tables same problem, but tables created from scratch no problem.

Indeed, this is a known issue: When a column is changed from another type to “link to other records” type, the linking is problematic. Fortunately this issue is already solved in the latest patch and will be released in 1 or 2 weeks!

As these two topics are of the same issue, I’ve merged them.

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