Update a file in a row

Hello again users! Can i update a file using the Update rows like this? (i suposse that because is Name_column: new_value but i am not sure if it is ok…)

url = “https://cloud.seatable.io/dtable-server/api/v1/dtables/“+variablesSeatable.dtable_uuid+”/rows/

        payload = {
            "row": {
                "Archive": [
                    "name": pdf_name,
                    "type": "file",
                    "url": url_archive,
                    "size": pdf_size,
            "table_name": table_name,
            "row_id": row_id
        headers = {
            "accept": "application/json",
            "content-type": "application/json",
            "authorization": "Bearer " + variablesSeatable.acces_token

        response = requests.put(url, json=payload, headers=headers)


We assume that we have uploaded the file we want to update

Please consult this section in the API documentation: Upload File/Image

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