Various feature requests - color column cells, linked records etc

Hi there,

I have been collecting a few feature requests over the past weeks.
I’ve had a few more, but glad to see that in the meantime some of them have already been added - good job, thanks!! :ok_hand:

Hope that my requests inspire you for future updates :slight_smile:

  1. Being able to filter columns of the type “long text”

  2. Color column cells: as a criteria it should be possible to make it based on values in the same row of a different column, now it seems to be only possible to change the color of a cell based on its own cell value.

  3. Color column cells: also for columns formatted as long text - simple options would be helpful: e.g. is empty or not empty.

  4. Cells formatted as long text type: formatting option to cross out text.

  5. Button: Save page design to pdf - additional option to also save the file on the local drive.

  6. Column type Linked records:
    when entering the menu with “+” to find/add records, it currently only shows the “add record” when values are entered that do not match any existing records.
    If I want to add a record it’d make life easier to have the “add record” option always available in this menu:

  7. Column type Linked records:
    When multiple records are linked, usually only a few are shown (depending on the length of the entry and the column width). And if there’s a record cut off, I wouldn’t know if there are even more records linked.
    An indicator within the cell (e.g. […]) would help to see if there are more records linked.

  8. Add a link to the forum in the help menu when within a database.

Best regards

Thanks for the input. Let me go through them one-by-one.

Your desire is our command! Implemented. :wink:

Conditional formatting kind of does that. It highlights a row based on a rule for one or multiple cell values.

Your request seems to add a lot of complexity in the UI. The benefit is not clear though.

Again: Your desire is our command. Implemented.

This is a good idea! We’ll add it to the feature request list.

We’ll check it.

For now, you just have to save it to a column first and then save it to local disk. (I know, I know this is some extra clicks.)

We hear you.

We’ll extend and improve the manual extensively going forward. There won’t be the need for a link to the Forum.

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Announcement: We’ll remove the feature request list category from the forum in the future. You’ll be able to post and upvote feature requests on a separate platform.

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