Various UX/UI improvements

I have some ideas to enhance the global experience, would share with you :

  1. the homepage is useless.
    Reaching a landing page with all our libraries is really not so great. It might work for seafile, but for seatable, I’d prefer to land on my favorite table. Or better, to have a left column with all libraries that i could choose directly, and my favorite dispayed at first.
    Check the recently developped app called to see what i mean

  2. kanban view of tables
    again, focalboard has a neat feature that allows to see a sheet as an kanban, really useful to sort some aspects with a different point of view. You should give a try and do the same, as main interface or via plugin maybe.

  3. synchronized common dataset
    I have a common dataset that i want to synchronize with a published table except 2 colums. After each sync, I need to delete them manually.
    Could it be possible to have the option to NOT add missing columns ?

  4. user settings and admin parameters should be reachable even in a table view, not only on the main view

  5. fit to content
    It would be nice to add an option to fit all cell widths to their contents, like the double click in excel.

  6. web page embedding
    In addition to forms and table edition, that would be great to be able to generate embeddable webpages from our table.
    Like to create an gallery, each line of my table contains info and a picture, and I would be able to create quickly a page with a previous/next button and arrange all fields .

  7. embbedable statistics
    I would like to be able to display only a statistic created by my table, without direct link to the info.
    would it be possible ?

and … that’s all for now :slight_smile:

hope I’m clear, otherwise, feel free to react

Thanks for the feedback. We’ll keep that in mind as we prioritize the future development of SeaTable.

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This is, according to my understanding of common dataset, not possible yet…But –
I wish I understood you correctly: To avoid synchronizing the 2 columns that you don’t need, there could be a work-around: The user who published that common dataset could go to that table and create a new view. In this view, hide the two columns that you don’t need. The new common dataset will exclude those two columns then.

Another way could be, You hide those two columns in your view. So they are still synchronized, but you don’t see them in this view.

Did you mean you want to use SeaTable as a database and present formatted content of a table on a web page? This is exactly what SeaTable is for! (And why we call the tables “bases”)

But - it requires some work in PHP. Basically it’s very convenient with the SeaTable API to retrieve data from your table and embed them onto your web page.

For example, this part of our home page originated from a table:

If this is what you are looking for, refer to this article: Present your data with SeaTable on your website with PHP

Thanks for the idea about the common dataset, that worked as expected.

And about the API and PHP, I’m sure that would work, but I really like the ease of use of the actual tool.
Keeping it away from coding and offering a simple yet powerful way to embed a simple webpage to share the table would be really great