View sharing can be user specific with id_in_org and the new filter "is current user's ID"

With SeaTable 1.8.0 we have two new additions:

  • A new user attribute “ID” which is their id_in_org:

  • A new filter condition “is current user’s ID” for text fields:

What is id_in_org?

The id_in_org is a customized ID in the organization (team). Take a school as example. The org admin can click on each student’s name and enter their profile page, and enter their student’s ID there. This ID is saved as their id_in_org.

This ID has to be unique, otherwise it can’t be saved:

How to use this feature?

Imagine, you are the school’s teaching assistant and you have to let each student know their own exam result, but they should only know THEIR OWN results.

  1. In a base with all the results, you can enter all the test results in a Default View:

  2. Then, create a new view, and set a filter “ID is current user’s ID”

  3. Now share this view to the group of students.

  4. Now, when students login and go to this base, they can only see their own test result

Forgot to mention: View sharing is an advanced feature, available in the Plus and Enterprise or Enterprise Edition plans…

Is this user id feature available in the free plan? I went into my admin panel and it didn’t look like the image and nor could I find the option to assign id from there.

We are an entirely volunteer run organisation, and in our database have a table of mentors with an autonumber associated to each. Would be great for them to be able to view only their data

Yes, the feature also exists in the Free plan. But it’s a bit hidden since the introduction of the new team administration.

Please proceed this way to assign IDs to your team members:

  • Log into SeaTable Cloud at
  • Click on your avatar in the top right corner
  • Select personal settings
  • Click on your avatar in the top right corner
  • Select team admin
  • In the navigation on the left, select users
  • Select a user to assign an ID

Beginning with one of the next releases, you’ll also be able to set the ID in the new team admin.

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