Webforms: Option to deselect from multiple items select

Hi all,
I am developing different feedback forms for various courses (course A, B, C, D, E, etc.). The user who has taken part in Course A will be given a form to provide feedback, e.g. on course A. One question asks them if they would be interested in any other courses. At the moment, a list appears with all of the courses on offer (A, B, C, D, E, etc.) from which they can choose the one(s) they are interested in. The same table is to be used for all feedback for all courses. Unfortunately, when the user is giving feedback on course A, one of the options available in the “Interest” list to choose from is course A.
My request: In each webform for each individual course, I would like the ability to deselect a particular list item. So, for course A, I could deselect course A in the “Interest” list, course B in the course B “Interest” list, course C in the course C “Interest” list, and so on.

No need to develop this feature. It already exists.

It’s called cascading:

The values shown in one single select column are a function of the value chosen in a preceding single select column. This works in the table as much as in web forms.

You can configure your cascade via “Define cascade” in the context menu of a single select column (see below).

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