When to separate bases / tables

I’ve been wondering how to best conceptualise size and separation of bases and tables.
So far I have usually just added tables to a base, but I’m sure there are practical reasons to separate stuff. Anybody has some thoughts on this?

I think I wouldn’t be able to reference links if I decided, for example, to put orders in one base and customers in another base. But where do I draw the line, so that I don’t have my entire business inside of one base?

Depending on who you ask, SeaTable is something different.

One characterization of SeaTable is as a web-based relational database management systems (RDBMS). As such, many of the general design principles for RDBMS apply to SeaTable.

There is an entire body of literature on the topic. I think a good starting point is Wikipedia: Relational database - Wikipedia or Database design - Wikipedia

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