Where is the webhook documentation?

I can’t seem to find on the seatable documentation how to use triggers to send data to a webhook.

I’m trying to set an integromat integration but I’m lost. Please if anyone of you knows where can I find the webhook info, let me know!


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I also trying to connect to Integromat, I started two days ago, and I wanted to use the webhook. I did not find any documentation, but I can tell you what I know now.

You can add a webhhook for a base if you hover above one of your bases, than you choose the hamburger menu (three dots)/advanced/webhooks. There you can add an integromat webhook link, which works good and instant. It will be always called, when something change in you bases. So as I know, at the moment you can not filter when you want a webhook call, it always calls the webhook.

I can show you how a call looks like:

If you can find anything more, please let me know!


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Thank you tamasnagy. With what you found I think I can figure out how they work and how to use them. If I discover something new, of course I’ll let you know!

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Hey sirland and tamasnagy,
the Integromat Integration was just published some days ago and it was not developed buy us. Instead Integromat developed the integration itself and we are quite happy about this.
I will have a look at the integration within the next days and then I will try to answer your question.
Best regards

Hey cdb,

Thanks for your answer!
But, I think it is not out (at least not for everyone). I can only find this reference:

But as you can see there is not any achievable modul out yet:


Hey @cdb,

It would be pretty nice to have some kind of documentation of when the webhook triggers and the data structure sent upon firing. This will help us so much to do our custom integrations.

Also, I read on your roadmap for 2.2.0 that you are developing automation rules. Does this mean that the webhooks will be improved? I imagine that we could trigger them only when a specific rule is met (something akin to the notifications triggers).


Hey @sirland , for your latest questions:

  1. The webhook is triggered when the base is updated
  2. The data structure looks like this:

The basic data structure is:

    "event": "update",  // currently only 'update'
    "data": {}          // The updated base data, see below

The data object looks like this:

      "dtable_uuid": base_uuid,
      "row_id": row_id,
      "op_user": username (or user_id),
      "op_type": op_type,  // insert_row, delete_row, delete_rows, modify_row, modify_rows
      "op_time": op_time,
      "table_id": table_id,
      "table_name": table_name,
      "row_name": row_name,
      "row_data": row_data,
      "op_app": appName  // If the base has been updated via API Token, then the op_app will be the app's name of that API

The automation rules doesn’t involve improvements in webhooks.

Hey there,
I added a section regarding webhooks to the SeaTable manual. Here is the link:


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