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I think I’ve discovered a bug when trying to import some data from CSV. I’m using Seatable 2.8 EE in Docker.

I imported several columns from my CSV file, one of them being Date, in which all dates are formatted in the European format dd/mm/yyyy.
Upon importing it appeared as a text column, as expected, but upon changing column type to Date and choosing the European format, most of the rows got cleared.

After some poking around i figured out that despite choosing the European format, the column was not using it for the type migration, nor subsequently to it’s normal use - 13th of December appears as 12/13/2022 (US format) instead of 13/12/2022 as it should.

Next i created a completely new Date column in a new Table, choosing the European format and this time upon manually entering the 13th of December date it correctly displayed it in the European format.

TLDR - Changing an existing column to date with an european format (the only one o i tested) does not yield a date colum in european format, but in the US one, despite the choices. This does not happen in newly created column.

EDIT: After posting this i immediately found this very recent issue, which is the exact symptons of my problem Month and date are changed when copying date string

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I have the same problem when I add a date: ex: 31/12/2020 it adds me 01/03/2001

As a confusion between the European format and the US format


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