4-in-1 Question: Sharing Tables without the "editing toolbar", Charts & Pages

Hey There!
I’m roaming around the forum for quite some time now, and it has been a great source of help for a great variety of stuff that I couldn’t get done on my own. Therefor - first and foremost - a great thank you to everyone participating :slight_smile: Don’t want to sound like a suck—up but nonetheless: Thank you!

Some background info: I’ve been looking through the forum as well as the manual and could not find a specific answer. Maybe I overlooked something. Currently, I’m on the first paid plan of ST Cloud, but if it solves my problem, I’d also upgrade if necessary. So far, I’ve got no coding experience but if it’s necessary, I’d look into this as well :upside_down_face:

Now to my question:

  1. I’d like to share a view of my table. Therefore, I upgraded to the paid plan already because I want to avoid sharing the whole base. The use case is to embed the table via iframe. My issue is the small amount of screen real estate I got to work with. So showing ONLY the base without any editing toolbars would help a lot. If that’s not possible, is there a way to pre define how the embedded table is being presented at the beginning? I’ve taken a screenshot and marked the respective area I’d like to get rid of completely, or at least show as a collapsed version from the start.

  1. I’d like to share the charts made with SeaTable as well. Is there a possibility to just share the isolated chart in a way that it would not lose its interactivity features? I Know I can export as PDF / raster graphic, but I’d like to keep those hovering effects as well as the real-time capabilities when shared. My goal is that it looks something like this, when embedded via iframe:

    If that’s not for possible XYZ reasons, it’d help me to at least be able to share a view which shows only the dashboard / statistics view / chart view (sorry, I don’t know how to correctly name it) like in the first picture.

  2. When opening the “embed preview” from the “share view menu”, I get a representation of a mobile as well as a desktop version, which is pretty handy. The mobile version has the handy “collapse toolbar button”. Is there a desktop equivalent for this button?

  3. When I share the table without password restriction everything works fine with the iframe. If I activate the password protection, I get a “same origin” security error issue. Have I set up something wrong here?

Bonus question :grin:: When roaming around the forum, I came across some posts here and there, where a new and highly customizable “app-builder” was being mentioned, that is being developed by the ST Team. It sounded more or less like Airtables interface designer, but without Airtables restriction to only being able to share the “Dashboard Interface” with ppl within your organization. As the ultra-curious person I am, I can’t wait for this feature to finally being released. Is there any indication of a release date so far?

Thank you a ton in advance!

That is very kind of you!

This is currently not supported. Sorry.

Not supported either at the moment. Sorry again

You say you are on SeaTable Cloud. But this sounds like a self-hosted issue.

We have no specific release date yet. But it within the next months. And yes, it is going to be similar to Airtable Interfaces.

Thank you for your swift reply!

[quote=“marifl, post:1, topic:1977”]
When I share the table without password restriction, everything works fine with the iframe. If I activate the password protection, I get a “same origin” security error issue. Have I set up something wrong here?

You say you are on SeaTable Cloud. But this sounds like a self-hosted issue.

Sounds like a self-hosted issue but really isn’t - I promise :upside_down_face:
I made a Screenshot for you showing the error:

I’m embedding the view via iFrame into a Knowledgebase made with and hosted by https://eniston.com
I did not use their cname feature or any custom code. So it’s basically the vanilla version. The KB is password protected itself but the resulting 403 error stays the same whether Eniston KB is PW protected or not. I tested it just now to give you more precise info on this.

Opening the PW protected Seatable works just fine if:

  1. The shared view within the iFrame is not PW protected
  2. The shared view is opened in a new browser window / Tab and NOT within an iFrame

I use the most recent and official Chrome build for testing.

But it’s not that ultra important to me, and I can peacefully live without the base being protected for now as long as my KB is. Just wanted to share if it’s a bug or in case I’m just another DAU simply doing it wrong while there’s an easy fix I’m unable to see yet.

Regarding the other topics – too bad, but it is how it is maybe there is a way to connect Seatable with some of those fancy data analytics dashboard software thingies until you release 4.0 with the fancy app builder I can’t wait to get my hands on.

Thanks again!

I created a simple html page with an iframe like this


External Link without PW
<iframe src="https://cloud.seatable.io/dtable/external-links/78f8c783f1e54xxxxxx/" title="description"></iframe>


Then I replaced the URL and tried these external links:

  • External link (of a base) without PW
  • External link (of a base) with PW
  • External link (of a view) without PW
  • External link (of a view) with PW
  • External link (of a view) with a custom url and PW

All of these iframes worked as expected. Therefore I can not confirm that there is a problem with IFRAMES.

Please send me the URL you are using via private message.

Oh wow, thank you for taking the time to go through and test all this. Maybe it has something to do with enistion.io

I’ll do as you told me and send you the URL via DM. I just want to perform1 last test myself before I rob you any additional time with this.

I think I’m getting closer to the source. While I’m not familiar enoguh with the proper structure of iFrames, I noticed that enistion changed this particular structure at will. Maybe that’s the issue.

Here is the iFrame code I get from Seatable:

   style="background: transparent; border: 1px solid #ccc;">

and here is how eniston changed it:

<iframe style="background: transparent; border: 1px solid #ccc;" 

Additionally, to switching up the attribute structure, it deleted the following:


Even manually pasting it back again had the same effect that it got automatically deleted.
The interesting part is, that the non pw-protected view / base works just fine even without the “className”.

May this be the root cause of the issue?