Acessing a specific value of multiple linked rows

Hello, I am using Seatable for a few month now and I think it is a really great software. I am organizing orders which consists of many single items. So I made a list for the order and a list for the items. One item can belong to multiple orders. So I get a “link to other records” in the items list.

Now I would like to make a report based on the table “orders”, which include the “value” of each item included in the order. So I added a “link formula” with a lookup on the colum value. But unfortunately the design in the report is not so nice especially when the number of caracters in the value differ (I would like to have a table like view in the report).
So the question is: Is there a way to automatical create the columns “Item_value_1”, “Item_value_2” and “Item_value_3” in the table “Orders”? I tried it with a formula such as {Item_values}.1 or {Item_values[1]} but this is not possible, or is it?
I could imagine that a script could help, but the nicer way would be doing it without scripting.

Hello! I fully understand your request here. However, the current nicer way to do it is to write a script, which is not very complicated at all!

See the SeaTable Scripts Programming Manual for instructions. It’s really not that difficult, trust me!

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